Monday, April 2, 2012

Start the week right

It's Monday!

I have read and heard from so many different articles and people that it is a big factor to start a new diet, routine, resolution or any project you would like to start on a Monday since it will greatly affect its success. In my case, I have been waiting for this day since Friday, when one of my best friends have told be about a workout she's into right now, Hiphop Abs. I said to myself: I will start on Monday. And I feel so good that I did! Although I woke up a little late today, I still had the willpower to start the workout. yey!

Aside from that, I have already done eighty percent of the things in my to do list and it's only 6 o'clock in the evening!

Little accomplishments make me happy :)

Tomorrow is another day, I hope I can keep up with the workout and the 'Monday factor' will take effect on me.

Did you start something new today?

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