Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simple pero rock

Soooooo, I sort of abandoned, neglected (is more appropriate) my blog. For the past month, my mom came for a two week visit and that was a whirlwind of packing, preparing, cooking, talking, a trip to the beach, unpacking, packing,  a fishing trip, unpacking, family trips, food trips, mall trips, baking etc., etc. It was tiring but fun! And of course I missed my mom so I/we spent every possible moment with her.  When she left I had to catch up on the chores. I also started to read the Fifty Shades of Grey (Click the link to read a review about the book!).. and I got so caught up with it that I ended up reading the whole Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy!!! (Thanks to my baby sister for the influence!)

It was Mother's day last Sunday. I do not want to make a fuss about this day and for a particular reason,I do not know what, this day was more celebrated in our home than the past years. I have been a mother for seven years now but last Sunday was the best Mother's day, so far. :)  My hubby asked me ehat I wanted to have for lunch. I told him I didn't have any cravings for today except for ice cream. So he prepared a five course meal (according to him) haha! But in reality, he cooked a special dish. I have an allergic reaction to too much consumption of seafood. So for this special day, he chose Pork Stew with eggplants and shrimp paste or more popularly known as Binagoongang baboy in our country. It's an everyday dish for some, but not for me since I cannot eat it very often. We just ordered a bucket of chicken for the kids and some fries.  They inherited my allergies so we didn't give them any of the pork. Lunch was awesomely satisfying. We were so stuffed so we weren't up for having any ice cream. My hubby treated me to a home service massage. When the masseuse got to our house, she gave me a long stemmed rose, for mother's day! How thoughtful! :) After the massage, I just enjoyed the rest of the day with my family. When we were having dinner, we had this conversation...

Me: Thanks beb, Happy father's day! Double celebration na 'to ha?* 
*(This will be our double celebration, ok?) :D

We all laughed and then..

J (my son): Do we have a kid's day? (probably assuming since there was a mother's and father's day...)

Me: There's no kid's day, anak (son)  because everyday is kid's day!

and we all  laughed some more :))

 So there. Not so much fuss but I truly enjoyed.

It was a simple celebration but it rocked!