Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happiness from Chicken Breast Bulgogi

Today's Adventure: Chicken Breast Bulgogi

     Last week, I was telling my mom about a Korean fastfood place that me and my family tried and she mentioned something about my sister's girlfriend cooking the best korean bulgogi. I didn't have any idea what the dish was. So I searched on the internet and found out what it was, in layman's term, Korean barbecue. I vowed to try cooking it. I searched for a recipe that was doabe. I didn't want to try something complicated and with too exotic ingredients. So I found one that I liked which had chicken thigh/drumstick fillet, sesame oil, soy suace, onions, onion leaves, salt and pepper and when it was time for our grocery shopping, I was looking for chicken thigh and drumstick fillet but they ran out. So I settled for breast fillets and was hoping to find a bulgogi recipe that includes chicken breast. We then looked for sesame oil and unfortunately, the store didn't have any. So I just got a pack of sesame seeds. I was hoping that they would do. When we got home, I searched for a chicken breast bulgogi recipe and I found one !!! Not too much surprise there. We can find almost everything on the internet.
     So earlier today, I was reviewing the recipe and I saw that I couldn't just scatter the sesame seeds in the dish because I was going to marinate the chicken. I really wanted to cook the dish as near to the recipe as possible to get a more authentic flavor. So I searched for a method on how to make my own sesame seed oil. I found one that didn't need too much work on this page, I chose the third option and I did it!!!! 
     That isn't even the highlight. When my son had a smell test, he loved the aroma from when I was frying the chicken, and he got excited already. When he did a taste test, he wanted to eat his lunch right away!
     That! made me happy =D Oh the simple joys of being a mom. :)

     What was your day's highlight?  Did you try a new recipe? =)